Vietnam Bike Adventures

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world where the people are extremely friendly and hospitable with natural environment, geography, history and culture have created a great potential for the tourism industry. Vietnam consists of long coastlines, forests, and mountainous areas with numerous beautiful landscapes.

As you stroll down the crowded streets in the big cities such as: Hochiminh City, Hanoi... or just simply visit the peaceful villages in the rural areas, you immediately become amazed by the different things that are completely unique to this quaint country.

Their Tours

Mekong Delta Tour

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4 Day(s)
225 Km
avg 56 Km

The Mekong Delta was formed primarily by mud from the Mekong River spreading in forklike directions out to the East Sea. The area itself was sparsely populated until the 19th century, when Vietnamese settlers moved slowly to the down South to take ad ...

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Saigon to Cu Chi Tunnels

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1 Day(s)
30 Km

This is a vast network of more than 200 km of underground tunnels in Cu Chi District- Ho Chi Minh City, nearly 70 km Northwest of Sai Gon. These tunnels were constructed and used by Viet Cong to conduct operations, sometimes within the perimeters of ...

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