Chagga Tours


Chagga Tours offers wildlife safaris, mountain climbing, and mountain biking adventures. They are based in Moshi, Tanzania and are run by experienced guides who are passionate and friendly. Their cooking services are also excellent, with Halal options available. They offer various different types of tours that are customizable to fit both your budget and adventure desires. Let them know what youre looking for and theyd be happy to help find a tour package to exceed your expectations!

Their Tours

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KiliCircle (Bike around Kilimanjaro)

6 Day(s)

Bike around Kilimanjaro exploring the nature, native people and culture. Visiting the Chagga People and the Maasai, leanrning about their culture and lifestyle. A 5 Day Tour visiting various locations with different terrain for a biker to be tested o ...

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KiliBeach (Bike around Kilimanjaro)

12 Day(s)

Bike around Kilimanjaro to Usambara Mountains and finishing in Pangani or Zanzibar, exploring North-Eastern Tanzania passing through many villages and towns. Meeting various people of different culture such as the Chagga People, the Maasai, Usambara ...

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