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Ugljan Bike Tour
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9.5 hours
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English, Dutch, Portuguese
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35 Km
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Ugljan Bike Tour

9.5 Hours 35 Km

Tour Operator:
This selfguided tour will guide you through the most exciting paths of the island of Ugljan, which is rightfully called „the green island“ thanks to its numerous pine trees and old olive groves. The island, which inspires with its natural beauty as well as preserved traditions, is considered to be a suburb of the city of Zadar as it lies just opposite to it. The island of Ugljan has plenty of bays, beaches and small fishing villages spread along the coast that keeps the secret about their past and the hard life of fishermen.

From the lookout St. Michael spreads a breathtaking view of the city of Zadar, the Velebit mountain and numerous small islands, and with a little bit of luck along with clear skies you can even see the Italian coast. A fun downhill awaits you along the gravel path to the village of Kali, the place where the most successful fishermen on the Mediterranean live.
You can take a swim on every corner because the whole island of Ugljan is one big beach that consists of many rocky and sandy coves.
If you want to eat like locals do, ZZUUM will suggest good restaurants where you can taste fresh traditional Mediterranean dishes. After lunch you can take a swim and visit the Franciscan monastery on the small island of Školjić in front of Preko village.
bike (MTB or trekking), safety helmet and bike lock
bike tool kit + spare tire
maps and instructions
return ferry ticket (Zadar-Preko-Zadar) for bike and person
energy pack (isotonic drink and energy bar)
10% discount on lunch + welcome drink in local restaurant on the island of Ugljan
accident insurance policy
24/7 ZZUUM assistance
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