Dugi Otok Bike Tour

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11.5 Hour(s)
24 Km

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All around the island there are bicycle trails which pass by the hundreds of years old olive groves, small churches and numerous bays and beaches where you can enjoy beautiful clear water. On the southeast part of the island of Dugi otok there is Tela�cica National Park with its most famous landmarks � Tela�cica bay, cliffs and salt lake Mir. Tela�cica bay is the largest and one of the safest natural ports on the Adriatic coast and that's the reason why it is so popular among the yachtsmen. You can find 25 beaches on the 69km long coastline.The cliffs, locally called 'stene' , rise 200m above the sea level and fall down 90m into the sea. Many kind of birds use the cliffs as their natural habitat and the peregrine falcon is one of them. Mir lake is one of the rare salt lakes in the Europe. Sea water comes through the numerous fissures under the ground and although the temperature of the water rises up to 33 degrees Celsius in the summer endemic species of eel called 'kajman' lives in the lake. Unusual landmark of the island is Skraca. There you can find interesting human-shaped figures made of stones. Passer-bys made these figures putting the stones in pile and forming interesting works of art. There are more than one thousand of these figures on the island of Dugi otok.


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11.5 Days
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EUR 42

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24 Km

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bike (MTB or trekking), safety helmet and bike lock
bike tool kit + spare tire
maps and instructions
energy pack (isotonic drink and energy bar)
boat tickets (bike + person) for Zadar/ Sali (Dugi otok) & Sali (Dugi otok)/Zadar
entrance at "Tela__ica" nature park
accident insurance policy
24/7 ZZUUM assistance

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