Desert Camp: Chiricahua

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8 Day(s)

Tour operator:  Pacific Atlantic Cycling Tours

Week Three of Desert Camp

This week is a cross between our popular Mountain Tour with more time to ride the beautiful Chiricahua Mountains. The 15 mile climb to the Chiricahua Monument is considered one of the best roads in the region. You will spend 2 nights in Willcox and 2 nights in Historic Bisbee so you can customize shorter or longer routes if you wish. You also get to visit quirky Tombstone!

This week is for experienced riders. All riders should be able to ride more than 50 miles in 4 hours with stops.

There are several historical hotels in Bisbee and we will be using several of them to accomodate the group size. Please register early!

There's no question that Chiricahua is a tough climb, but I would say that it has some steeper parts and some less steep parts, so it's not just a continuous slog (like Mt Ventoux in southern France). The first few miles are relatively gentle as the scenery starts to change from desert to more forest and you get your first view of the unusual rock formations. To break it up, riders can stop at the Park Service visitor center, which has bathrooms and interesting displays. The middle part of the climb is deep in a forested canyon, which can be cooler than on the desert floor. Sometimes, water is flowing in a small creek bed and you get more close-up views of the bizarre formations. The last few miles are a bit steeper, but still not as steep as parts of the Mt Graham climb from Mountain Week. This stretch is also very rewarding because of the expansive views and switchback road that clings to the hillside. Riders are back into the open at this point and you can see the twisting road up ahead. There is a nice parking lot at the top, surrounded by miles of rock formations, with interpretive displays and short hikes to overlook vista points. In sum, while this is clearly a good climb, I've rarely been on a climb that is as rewarding as Chiricahua and best of all, there is very little traffic. The descent is thrilling, but with excellent smooth pavement, so it takes only a fraction of time to get down.


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Tucson AZ
Tucson AZ

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8 Day(s)
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USD 1295

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Breakfast Each Morning - Usually a continental hotel breakfast
Snack Stops at 25 Mile Intervals
Hot or Cold Lunch on the Road
Full Technical Support: Mechanics, Tools, Parts, Wheels, Bikes
Choice of book--Sport, Leisure, or Travel
Baggage Shuttle for Duration of Tour
Bicycle Case Storage
Shuttle Pick-up from Airport
Opportunity to ride with Lon Haldeman and his wife, Susan
Laminated Route Sheets and Maps
Personalized Helmet, Luggage, and Bicycle Tags
SAG Support for Riders who Need It

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