Kilimanjaro to Indian Ocean

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10 Day(s)
407 Km
avg 58 Km

We will start our journey on the dirt of-the-bitten road with uphills and downhills all the way to the Maasai land.

You will pass through endless open air, dry plains while you are enjoying the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru in the distance. This is a path of number animals crossing from Amboseli park in Kenya to Enduimet wildlife managment area, so you can expect giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, and elephants.

Pass through iconic Maasai villages seeing the everyday life of the people, their traditional blue and red clothes, their hurds and plants. While we are coming back to the Moshi, you will enter to the greener forest area with long banana and coffee plantations and observe the life of Chagga tribe people in their villages.

Early in the morning, you will be transferred to the foothills of the Usambara mountains from where you will start challenging uphill drive all the way to Mambo viewpoint. You will have the opportunity to ride through lush green virgin forest, while you are passing numerous waterfalls and natural beauties of the mountain. Hurd ride will be rewarded in the end with a breathtaking view of the flatlands and villages on the west.

From one side of the Usambara moutains to the other side and another beautiful view cliff, you will cross numerous of villages with the opportunity to see local life, schools, farms, and people in their everyday activities. While riding on a dirty and narrow road you will pass through forest full of cameleons and blue monkeys. We will end the day in the small city Lushoto which is the center of the West Usambara mountains.

From the mountain, fresh air, green forest, and quiet life you will take a long downhill ride to enter the Tanga region. The whole surrounding will change, you will pass through busy loud villages and cities, while you are cycling on bigger and dustier roads.

Our ride will take us on a tarmac big road straight to the Tanga city. On the way you will experience a coastal area, you will see long plantations of fruit, a lot of street markets with different vegetable and fruit.

This day will be used for rest and exploring one of the most important Tanzanian coastal cities. Finally, you will sense the Indian ocean and its beautiful sandy beaches. You can stay at the lodge the whole day or you can explore the history and culture of the city, it is up to you.

Last day of our tour will take you through the Tanzanian coastal area. While you are cycling on a rough road, you will see long sisal plantations and how people use this plant for making rope, twine and other products. Near the Pangani, we will take the ferry to enter the city, and this very nice ride will take you across the major northern-east river that enters the sea at this point.


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10 Days
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