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4 Hour(s)
25 Km

We�ll begin with a brief introduction, show you how our bikes function and inform you how to safely ride a bike in Amsterdam. The bike tour starts with biking a little through the city, where we give you a run down on skinny bridges, crooked building and bike filled canals and then we continue biking out to the beautiful countryside.Mike's bike tours countryside bike tourThe majority of this guided bicycle tour is spent riding along the Amstel River beyond the edge of town where we�ll pass by funky houseboats, rowing clubs and people fishing. Then we�ll show you one of the few remaining authentic windmills; the Riekermolen. We�ll make a nice photo stop at the windmill and you can also check out the remembrance statue of Rembrandt. We bike a little further along the Amstel River and stop at the Rembrandthoeve farm, where we visit an eccentric and entertaining Dutch farmer at his cheese farm/clog factory. At the farm they will demonstrate the traditional art of making wooden shoes and famous Gouda cheese. Afterwards you�ll be able to have a look around in their little gift shop, taste some free samples of authentic Dutch cheese, try on wooden shoes and go cow tipping (if you can catch them) or eat your packed lunch (if you�ve brought any). We then leave the Amstel River behind and continue the bike tour riding through the polder landscape with it�s rectilinear ditches and dikes. On our way back towards the city we bike through the Amsterdamse Bos and then into the Vondel park before finishing back at our tour garage.


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25 Km

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