Guilin Cycling Tours

Guilin Cycling Tours is the first professional bike travel company in Guilin, South China.

The team was set up in 2013, and grew rapidly since then due to our excellent service. Unlike other so-called bike tours in China, GCT's cycling trips are focusing on exclusive off-road bike routes in the countryside escorted by our bike tour specialists, and we care more about the experience and satisfaction of the riders during the whole tour. Our principle is to build different interesting activities into a bike trip, which gets deep into the less-known places with more natural scenery and authentic local people's lives. The following negative things common during a regular tour will definitely be avoided in our trip: boring and sleepy time in coaches, tourist-packed attractions, jammed traffic and pollutions in the city, waste of time by forced shopping, etc. We would say NO to this kind of trip.

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Essence of Guilin

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5 Day(s)
150 Km
avg 50 Km

The trip can be customized to meet your demand based on your wishes and fitness. Riders are required to cycle about 50KM per day on average in this tour, covering diverse road surfaces. You will have plenty of time during and after the cycling for si ...

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