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Extravagant Yak. These two words contain our value for excellent service and cultural authenticity. They specialize in providing rich and authentic, personally crafted travel experiences in Tibet. Equally at home in the lap of luxury or in the warm hospitality of a nomad tent, they deliver tailored attention to detail on every unforgettable journey. All of their tours are designed for those who consider a sense of adventure and a dose of curiosity essential travel ingredients.

"We love what we do. With a local Tibetan as your guide, we ensure an authentic experience of one of earth’s highest and most mysterious cultures. We are founded on the belief that travel should result in being rewarding and life changing – for both the traveller and the host culture."

Their 20+ years combined experience in the region has only increased their desire to discover more of Tibet’s endless treasures and meet more of her people. Accordingly, each member of the Extravagant Yak team is partial to different corners of this highland sanctuary of culture, scenery, and epic adventure.

Their Tours

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Mountain Biking Backcountry Tibet Tour

7 Day(s)
115 Km
avg 23 Km

This Mountain Biking Backcountry Tibet tour is designed for two-wheeled mountaineers.

This epic cycling challenge is best described as adventure biking. There are riders for whom 2-3 hours of climbing is worth an hour or more of non-st ...

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Cycling Scenic Tibet

12 Day(s)
450 Km
avg 64 Km

As a cycling enthusiast you must have wondered: What would it take? Extravagant Yak specializes in taking care of the details for you. For each inspiring and rewarding day in the saddle, your only responsibilities are to find your rhythm and keep bre ...

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Chengdu Bamboo Bicycle Tour

3.5 Hour(s)
18 Km

A relaxing and fun ride through the heart of Chengdu on a bamboo bicycle is the perfect way to feel the vibe of this ancient city! Chengdu’s laid-back lifestyle and flat geography make for a very bike friendly city. You’ll wind along rive ...

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Bamboo Bike Tour in Amdo Tibet

4 Day(s)

Tucked away in the mountains of Amdo Tibet only five hours drive north of Chengdu, Muni Tibetan Village offers the distinct feeling of arriving at one of the most tranquil places on the planet. The village virtually floats in a green highland sea of ...

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