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Consider us as your support team for this 2 day 108 mile ride. We have designed the logistics to be at a minimum so you can focus on enjoying your ride. We use one campsite for two nights just south of Hill City where you will leave your car. (Although the listed price is for camping, you can upgrade to a cabin if you wish.) Your group arrives the night before, we help you set up your tents, we serve you dinner, load up your bikes, and then following breakfast the next morning we shuttle you 45 miles to Deadwood where the trail begins. You will ride your bike 52 miles to return to your camp, but we support you along the way with lunch and frequent contact to make sure you and your equipment are functioning well. That evening you will be served a great dinner as well as a hot breakfast the next morning. We will be glad to take down your tent to allow you to start your remaining 57 miles as soon as you can. It is important to get an early start so you can finish in the early afternoon before it really gets hot. The Southern Hills are dryer and hotter than the rest of the hills are. Like the first day, we support you with lunch and frequent contacts, and will shuttle you from Edgemont back to the campsite south of Hill City where your car is parked.


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Plains (ND SD MN NE IA KS)
Hill City

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2 Days
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USD 250

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The Basic Fee includes shuttle to Deadwood and return from Edgemont to Hill City, luggage & bike transfer; trail pass; 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts; camping, hot showers; and sag support at designated trail heads.

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