The Surprising Bronx

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Tour operator:  Bike the Big Apple

From hanging sausages to Annabel Lee, this tour delves into the little-known delights of the Bronx!

This tour begins with a ride into the South Bronx, a neighborhood in the midst of transforming from one of the country’s most notoriously dilapidated into a revitalized community with an increasing number of hip bars and galleries. We also pass through a surprisingly suburban part of the borough, now without a trace of what, 25 years ago, was compared to a bombed-out Berlin at the end of World War II. Then, at the serene falls of the Bronx River, set against the forests of the Bronx Zoo, you won’t believe you’re still in the city!

Lunch in the Bronx’s Little Italy sets you wandering through an indoor market with hanging sausages, homemade pastas, gourmet sandwiches, and delicious pastries. At Poe Cottage, you learn the story of Edgar Allen Poe’s move to the Bronx and hear a reading of his poem Annabel Lee, written upon the death of his wife in this very home. From there, we visit the magnificent campus of Bronx Community College, home of the first ever “Hall of Fame” and set of the Hollywood movie A Beautiful Mind!


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Mid-Atlantic States

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7 Hour(s)
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April, May, June, July, August, September, October
Thursdays 10am

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