The Great Divide

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52 Day(s)
2835 Miles
avg 63 Miles

Tour operator:  Bike Dreams

The American cycling Dream: crossing the United States by bicycle.

Many riders have cycled the United States from East to West or the other way around. Of course, a great achievement.

It is probably a bigger challenge to traverse the United States from North to South over the dirt roads of the Rocky Mountains, following the Continental Divide. The divide of roughly 2,800 miles between Canada and Mexico splits the North American Continent in two. Drops of rain that fall on your left side flow into the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Drops on your right side will find their way to the Pacific. The drops of sweat from your brow will evaporate in the thin air of the Rocky Mountains or fall to the trail and eventually make their way to one of the two great Oceans. This is the trail of “The Great Divide” !!!

In 1998, the Adventure Cycling Association developed and published the world’s longest off-pavement cycling route and called it “The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route”. The original route starts in Banff, Canada, zigzags along the Continental Divide, climbs over isolated passes and finishes in Antelope Wells at the border of Mexico.

The Great Divide takes you through a wide variety of terrain and geographic features. You cycle through isolated river valleys, mountain forests, wide open grasslands, high desert, alpine wilderness, and, at the end of the ride, a section of the Chihuahuan Desert. Along the way you can expect to meet cowboys who drive their cattle across the prairie. You will cycle through pristine woods full of deer and elk, and of course there is always some trepidation that you may stand face-to-face with a grizzly bear. Colorado's Indiana Pass is the highest point on the route at 11,910 feet.


Tour Location

Canada, USA
Alberta, Mountains, South-West
Canmore, Canada
Antelope Wells

Tour Information

Supported, Bring your own bike
52 Day(s)
Mountain bike tour, Off-road (dirt/gravel)
Camping, Top Tours, Last month
Cost From:
USD 9900

Tour Distance & Dates

2835 Miles
Riding Days:
August, September
August 12, 2021

Additional Information


Accommodation is based on camp sites and motels ( minimal 16 nights ) during the tour
 One night hotel accommodation before the start in Canmore and  after the finish in Tucson
 Breakfast, lunch and meal at arrival ( during cycling days )
 Fruit, water, sport drinks and energy bars ( during cycling days )
 Dinner during cycling days if we are camping
 Transportation of luggage
 Organization of the journey
 Support by bike mechanic
 “The Great Divide” cycling jersey
 Full set of maps of the Adventure Cycling Association
 DVD with compilation of the best pictures
 Communal transport between the finish of The Great Divide in Antelope Wells and the hotel in Tucson


Ride any one or more of the 7 stages:

  Start Finish Date Days Price
Week 1 Canmore Whitefish Aug 12th, 2021 8 $1600
Week 2 Whitefish Butte Aug 19th, 2021 8 $1400
Week 3 Butte Teton NP Aug 26th, 2021 8 $1600
Week 4 Teton NP Steamboat Springs Sep 2nd, 2021 9 $1800
Week 5 Steamboat Springs Del Norte Sep 10th, 2021 9 $1800
Week 6 Del Norte Grants Sep 18th, 2021 8 $1600
Week 7 Grants Antelope Wells Sep 25th, 2021 9 $1800

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