Future Berlin

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Even Berliners tend to lose track of all the new projects and developments going on in this rapidly changing city. The center of the city sometimes seems like one giant construction site, and hardly a day goes by without the newspaper reporting on some new gigantic building project. We show you on this bike tour the Berlin of the future and bring some order to the chaos.What�s happening at this giant construction site? Where did they build those adorable little town houses? How do major projects get planned and built? Why are they re-routing this massive street? What exactly is Berlin�s master plan? Where are the next skyscrapers to be built?Our tour takes you from the giant urban playground that is Mauerpark to the area around Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) where new government buildings, the new headquarters of the BND (German Federal Intelligence Service), and an entire new urban quarter is taking shape on spaces that were once demolished to make way for the Berlin Wall. We visit Germany�s most controversial building project, the complete reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace, and fantasize about utopian plans for the Alexanderplatz. We also tell you exactly why David Hasselhoff sang a song to save the wall.A bike tour not only for visitors, but great for curious Berliners too.


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