Berlin Wall

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It was far more than just a wall, it was a symbol for the misery and the most visible sign of the struggle between two systems.

With our guided bike tour you can discover the Berlin Wall.For almost 30 years, this 160-kilometer-long, so-called 'death strip' cut through the city and the lives of its people. Few families remained untouched by the division of the city; parents separated from their children, lovers who wound up on the 'wrong' side of the Berlin Wall or young people who wanted to escape the restrictions of the GDR and risked their lives trying to get over the Wall.

The stories around the Berlin Wall and the East German secret police (Stasi), are many. Some of our guides have experienced them first hand; from the funny, to the tragic, to the unbelievably absurd. Along the 15 kilometers between Bornholmer Straße and the government district, our bike tour follows the obvious as well as the hidden remnants of the 'Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart'. The Berlin Wall bike tour takes you to border checkpoints, like Checkpoint Charlie and places like Mauer Park, where a section of the so-called 'death strip' has been transformed into a vibrant part of the new Berlin. You'll also visit the official Berlin Wall Memorial Museum area in Bernauer straße where the last remaining, totally intact portion of the Berlin Wall and a guard tower can be seen.

We'll delve into the political dimensions, the background circumstances and, above all, the human element in the everyday madness of life in a divided city, right where it happened. Kids along for the ride? No problem! Our competent bike guides break it down so that even generation Facebook will understand.


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