Apluvia Service


Specializing in tailor-made trips in Apulia​

Apluvia Service is a young and dynamic tour operator, run by professionals, specialized in tailor-made trips in Apulia​.
Discover Apulia in all its facets,  an authentic Apulia, not only the most precious and fascinating places but also flavours and traditions. Let them show you a kind of Apulia accessible to only a few lucky travellers.

Enjoy the sea, relax, organized trips and Apulian movida. Discover this fantastic land, riding a bicycle along the paths and routes where centuries-old olive trees, art, culture and good food will reward you for every single step.

Their Tours

From Matera to Lecce

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8 Day(s)
400 Km
avg 67 Km

Come and get to know our region standing with a bike, to the discover of authentic and unique places hardly accessible by motor vehicles. Enjoy the wide range and the beauty of natural landscapes, as well as by the hidden real art treasures and the m ...

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From Gargano to Salento

0 Reviews
11 Day(s)
510 Km
avg 57 Km

Enjoy a tranquil bike tour through Apulia's land, to discover magical places only accessible by bike;
Excursion along the coast, with guided tours at three historic trabucchi in Vieste;
Visit to the Unesco world heritage site of Cas ...

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