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Adventure Trekkers is a mountain biking travel co-op managed by Rick Pratt and Josh Gerak. Since 1985 Adventure Trekkers has been taking friends (and friends of friends, and new friends,) on some of the most awe inspiring mountain biking and hiking there is in the southern Utah area.

Our Goal in this venture is to bring together people with similar interests without incurring the high cost of typical adventure vacations. Our incentive is not money but the opportunity to share this awe inspiring and fragile area while teach people a low impact approach to enjoying and exploring the region. The great thing is that we get to go along!

Their Tours

Moab Mountain Bike Adventure

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356 Km

This is our most popular group camping trip.This trip uses and established base camp to explore the famous trails, Slickrock, Poison Spider Mesa, Porcupine Rim and Bartlett Wash to name a few. Ride with the group or explore on you own. Optional natur ...

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