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Westeros Cycle Trail + Direwolf Pups Trail
Tour Location
Ireland (Ulster), United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)
Tour Information
4 hours
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Tour Distance & Dates
9 Km
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Winterfell Tours

Westeros Cycle Trail + Direwolf Pups Trail

4 Hours Easy 9 Km

The Westeros self-guided cycle trail leaves Winterfell Castle and follows the demesne shoreline around to Robb's Camp where Jamie Lannister was held captive in cage (aka Audleys Castle). The castle perched atop a hill enjoys fantastic sweeping views over Strangford lough - these waters are where Brienne brought Jamie Lannister ashore in a canoe & fittingly also where St. Patrick came ashore in a boat back in the 5th Century (the Vikings gave the lough the Norse name ‘Strangfyorthe’, meaning place of strong tidal currents or strong fjord).

The Direwolf Pups self-guided trail is located in Tollymore Forest in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains. The trail visits the key 'location' where in S01E01 the Starks found the Direwolf pups in Wolfswood.

Note that you need to self drive to our other cycle hire centre at Tollymore once you have completed the trail at Winterfell. The drive takes approx. 35 minutes by road.
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