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Downtown Rotterdam
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2 hours
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Downtown Rotterdam

2 Hours

Don’t have that much time, but you’d like to see Rotterdam as much as possible? Downtown Rotterdam is a fast but intense interaction with the city that is never finished.

During this innercity tour, you’ll pedal straight through the beating heart of the city. Our enthusiastic UrbanGuides will tell you everything that makes this city fascinating. From the progressive architecture to the melting pot of cultures to the turbulent history but also the many local initiatives that bring life to our city.

Downtown Rotterdam is your short meeting with the only metropolis in The Netherlands! The Weena skyscrapers, the Meent’s boutiques, the toko’s dotted along the West-Kruiskade, but also the international attractions such as the cube houses, the Markthal and Koolhaas’ newest addition ‘the Timmerhuis’, will all be featured in the 2 hours.
Booking Conditions
Guide € 175 max 15 people
Bike rental (€ 5,- ex. BTW pp)
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