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Waikato River Trail
Tour Location
New Zealand
Tour Information
2 days
Off-road (unsealed), Cycle Paths/Trails
Bike Options:
Bike hire available
Tour Language:
Cost From:
NZD 155
Tour Distance & Dates
105 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
53 Km
Tour Operator:
Tread Routes

Waikato River Trail

2 Days 105 KmAVG 52 Km

The Waikato River Trails are a series of tracks that link seamlessly to form a 100km trail that follows the southern banks of the mighty Waikato River. The trails start from the southern reaches of Lake Karapiro and end at Atiamuri Dam on SH1. The trail provides access to previously unreachable areas on the banks of the river. The trails wind along tying together areas of native bush, exotic forest, interesting rock formations, vistas of the river and lakes, as well as many historic landmarks. Cyclists will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty of NZs largest river. The trails can be divided into 5 main sections: The Karapiro Section, The Arapuni Section, The Waipapa Section, The Maraetai Section, and the Whakamaru Section from north to south respectively.
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