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Saxonland - In search of a lost civilisation
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6 days
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Saxonland - In search of a lost civilisation

6 Days Easy-Moderate Reviews

Saxonland is a fairy place which grabs you in a second. We will cycle through beautiful valleys, rolling hills, chilly forests. Villages of gingerbread houses, fortified churches rest on our route. The Transylvanian Saxon Heritage Trail is one of Romania’s most important touristic attractions, where you can admire the remains of great cultures. Traditional guesthouses, local food and people’s hospitality are one-of-a-kind. Cycle with us and discover Transylvania’s most romantic landscape - Saxonland.
All transfers, luggage transportation, attraction entrances, guide, traditional dinings with locals, picnic or restaurant meals, accomodations, bike and equipment.
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The Transybike Tour was the first time in my life I had visited Transylvania and Saxon-land but I`m sure that I will return to this land with my bicycle in the future. What I saw was absolutely gorgeous, peaceful landscape with a dash of old saxon houses, churches, towers. Every second city or village what we visited had a nice old church and tower, all of them has their own old story.We saw the old Bethlen Castle at Cris, at about 12 km from Sigishoara and of course we visited the Castle of Sighisoara as well. Many interesting places. One of my favorite day was when we visited a long time operating charcoal-burner, which I think is the last one in Transylvania even in Romania as well. To reach this point we had a nice biking in the nearby forest with an awesome mountain bike track which I loved so much. When we climb up on the hills I knew that at the end of this climb we will get our reward : the perfect descend with bikes. Oh man…, the view to the valley was fantastic! When we arrived to the charcoal-burner the local couple offered to us hot coffee and doughnut to recharge our `batteries`. They were so helpful and friendly, smiley. I don`t think these local, nice people had any stress between these beautiful mountains and valleys. Everything was so peaceful and the time was absolutely slow down. Interesting feeling which You can experience only on these kind of places because it comes from every tree, every little stone… Our tour guide, Szabolcs was very helpful, happy, he got to know all the routes and know about the villages and cities we visited during our tour. In case if somebody didn`t feel to biking one day, the transfer bus (we called: Team Bus) was available to reach the destination. The `Team Bus` carried our accessories (luggages) what we needed on the tour so we just had to ride our bike with our daily equipments (like: water, snack, rain jacket) and enjoy the Transylvanian scenery in Saxonland. I can definitely recommend TransyBike.

Steve, Hungary
By: TransyBike
10/06/2014 08.45 PM