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American history in Amsterdam
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1 hour
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English, Dutch
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Tom Tours

American history in Amsterdam

1 Hours

Tour Operator:
Tom Tours
Following different story lines we will meander the beautiful and lively historical city center by pedicab. After Thomas Jefferson formulated "The Declaration of Independence" in 1776, which would lead to the independence of the USA, The Netherlands after France would be the 2nd country to recognize this newborn nation. In 1782 John Adams, one of the co-authors of the declaration alongside Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, became ambassador for the USA in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam he found merchants and bankers willing to loan significant sums of money for the building up of the nation. But also earlier American history was written in Amsterdam. In 1625 the Dutch West Indian trading Company (WIC) founded the colony New Netherland with New Amsterdam, the current New York city, as its capital. The headquarters of the WIC, from where the colonies were administrated was located in Amsterdam and as a building still exists. Another Dutch trading company, the Dutch East Indian Company (VOC), contracted the explorer Henry Hudson with the assignment to find an alternative sea route to Asia. In 1609 as the first European, Henry Hudson dropped anchor at the Island Mana Hatta, now called Manhattan.

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