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Across America South Trek
Tour Location
San Diego, CA
Jacksonville, FL
Tour Information
30 days
Advanced / Challenging
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Cost From:
USD 3095
Tour Distance & Dates
Jun, Jul, Aug
Tour Operator:
Teen Treks

Across America South Trek

30 Days Advanced / Challenging

The southern 3,050 mile route across America is about 800 miles shorter than the northern route, but make no mistake this trip is just as much of a challenge. Dip your tires in the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, CA then head east to dip them again in the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville, FL. Ride through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. This adventure of a lifetime is the pinnacle of bike touring, so you must be in good shape and ready to ride. Most days you will ride 80 miles or more and some will be close to 100 miles! If you enjoy cycling and want to see everything this great country has to offer than consider this adventure. It will absolutely be a life changing event.
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