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Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays
Contact Number:
+34 971 683665
C/Marques de la Torre, 9
Son Caliu-Palmanova Mallorca 07181
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Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays

Stephen Roche and Claude Escalon established “Fitness, Velo, Evasion” in Palmanova, Mallorca, in 1994. The fledgling cycling holiday and training camp business welcomed the first clients to the island in 1995 and was soon renamed as “Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays and Training Camps”.

In 1980, as “Directeur Sportif” at the reputable “Athlétic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt” (ACBB), it was Claude who gave Stephen his first opportunity to prove himself on the Continent before turning Pro. Their friendship grew from there, through Stephen’s famous Triple Crown Championship year of 1987 and beyond; and when it eventually came time for Stephen to consider life beyond racing, they identified the opportunity to create and develop a new cycling business venture on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Stephen and Claude were well ahead of the crowd in realizing the quality of the roads, infrastructure and spectacular variety of rides available on the island; and Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays and Training Camps was one of the first cycling holiday providers to establish themselves on Mallorca.

Stephen’s aim was to give something back to the sport which had given so much to him and the company was set up to provide cycling enthusiasts of all ages and levels of ability with the best professionally guided and supported cycling holidays possible.

The company is still owned and operated by Stephen, who continues to make improvements year on year; and it is Stephen’s “keep moving forward, keep improving” approach that has earned the company’s growing reputation for providing the exceptional level of customer service and satisfaction that clients now expect from Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays.
Their Tours

Mallorca Cycling Holiday

7 Days
Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays & Training Camps for cyclists of all ages and all levels, in Palmanova, Mallorca. Choose one of 4 different group levels, for each ride, on each day, or even change level, mid-ride… whatever your legs tell you!
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