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Kyushu's Hot Springs And Volcanoes
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9 days
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USD 2600
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Mar, Nov
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SpiceRoads Cycling
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Kyushu's Hot Springs And Volcanoes

9 Days Mod-Advanced

This bike tour in Japan takes us south to Kyushu, Japan's third largest island. On this 9-day bike tour we will partake in many Japanese traditions, from eating local foods, to sleeping on futons, to bathing in hot springs. Onsens provide great opportunities to meet friendly locals and sooth muscles after some challenging rides.

Staring from historic Nagasaki. We cross the Shimabara peninsula via the Mount Unzen volcano. A ferry across the Ariake sea brings us to Kumamoto prefecture. We will visit the city in a couple of days because now we are heading straight to Mount Aso vulcano. In the quaint town of Kurokawa, arguably the most beautiful onsen town in Japan, we don yukata and stroll down the streets hopping from hot spring to hot spring.
We next head to the land of water and stone bridges, with stunning views of Mt Kuju (1791m) and stopping to admire the feudal architecture of Taketa. Turquoise water rushes down the Manainotaki waterfalls as we cycle into Takachiho Gorge with it's stunning blue waters contrasting with the red and yellows of the trees in the autumn. We cycle back to the rim of Mount Aso caldera, which has a circumference of around 120 km, before descending down to Kumamoto, offering a chance to glimpse into modern city life and a feudal Japan at its landmark Kumamoto Castle.
Bike Hire US$130
Single Supplement US$150 (A single room may be available locally on payment of a supplement but, as some of the Japanese-style hostels are quite small, this cannot be guaranteed.)
You can extend your visit to Kyushu with our 7-day cycle tour "Cycling Colourful Kyushu Island"
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