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Ancient Korea
Tour Location
Korea (South)
Tour Information
10 days
Flat (mostly)
Tour Language:
Cost From:
On Request
Tour Distance & Dates
357 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
60 Km
Tour Operator:
SpiceRoads Cycling
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Ancient Korea

10 Days Easy-Moderate 357 KmAVG 59 Km

South Korea - The Land of the Morning Calm - is steeped in contradictions and traditions. Craggy mountain ranges slope down to pristine beaches and bustling cosmopolitan cities are surrounded by serene farmland. Elements of Confucianism, practiced for a thousand years across several dynasties, linger on today, living alongside the innovative economic power of this thriving country.

Cycling through the country puts you in direct contact with the Korean people and you’ll find them a real delight. Fiercely proud, and with a character almost as spicy as their food, they’re markedly eager to please foreigners.

We start our tour from the centre of Seoul and thanks to an extensive network of bike paths we can cycle along the Han River directly out of the city into the rural countryside, visiting temples, sampling delicious Korean cuisine before finishing in historical Gyeongju.

We follow the dedicated bike paths along two of the country's main waterways, the Han and Nakdong rivers, making for scenic, flat and leisurely cycling. We stop often each day to visit historical and cultural sites, with one of the many highlights being Hahoe Folk Village. Here we'll stay in a traditional guest house and immerse ourselves in folk traditions dating back centuries. The vast variety of menu options will also be a highlight of the tour, and we'll be sure to try many local specialties.

Uniquely on this cycle tour you'll be able to collect stamps in your souvenir Korean Cycle Tour passport. Each day we'll pass certification points where you can stamp your passport to show your biking achievements.
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