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Ultimate Chiang Rai Northern Exposure
Tour Location
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6 days
(Some) Hills
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USD 2400
Tour Distance & Dates
Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec
Tour Operator:
Smiling Albino

Ultimate Chiang Rai Northern Exposure

6 Days Easy-Moderate

deserves an intimate exploration. This unique adventure explores the many faces of Chiang Rai in a creative, cozy and immensely enjoyable manner. From life along the Myanmar and Laotian borders, to the delectable food and accommodation that features the brilliant variety of what Northern Thailand offers: from charming, small local properties - clean and rustic - right up to grand luxury, you'll satiate your senses through the back roads of the far north, where getting there is half the fun. Using mountain bikes, motorscooters (optional!), kayaks, foot power, boats, elephants and private vehicles, each day allows you to challenge - or pamper - yourself as you wish. Your adventure ends with the perfect capstone: The Elephant Mahout program at the Anantara Golden Triangle, where you'll learn how to become an elephant whisperer at one of the most respected elephant camps in the country. Using the best adventure ingredients, this is the finest experience in northern Thailand.
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