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Historic Center Tour
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Santa Marta
Santa Marta
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2.5 hours
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Santa Marta Eco Bike Tours

Historic Center Tour

2.5 Hours

Pedal through the streets and squares of the historic center. You appreciate the Cultural Heritage of the Santa Marta colonial and republican, represented in real estate as the Cathedral, first built in Latin America, the Cloister of San Juan Nepomuceno where the Museum of Art at the University of Magdalena, the Cloister of San Juan de Dios, which houses the Ethnographic Museum and Historical Archive Magdalena Grande, the Customs House, home of the Museo del Oro Tayrona and first built in the city, as well as Madame Agustine House, Palace Tayrona, where the Governorate located Magdalena, the Mayor of Santa Marta of neoclassical architecture, the Teatro Santa Marta and residential homes like Peter Saleis or Manuel Ujueta and Bisais as well as the median of the bay, the San Miguel Cemetery Central and monuments located in different squares and parks that represent a dialogue with the past and present of the city. The tour ends at the Parc Dating, cozy space where you can enjoy a variety of dining options and bars to suit all tastes and styles.
Guide, bike, helmet, hydratation, snack and locks
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