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Tibet Cycling Holiday
Tour Location
China (Tibet), Nepal
Tour Information
24 days
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Tour Distance & Dates
1680 Km
May, Jul, Aug, Sep
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Red Spokes Cycling Adventure Holidays

Tibet Cycling Holiday

Lhasa to Kathmandu

24 Days Adv-Challenging 1680 Km

Cycling in the Tibetan Plateaus from Lhasa to Kathmandu is an awe-inspiring experience and a must for adventure cyclists. Our Tibet cycle tour starts and finishes in two of Asia's most exotic cities, on the tour we will mountain bike 5 major passes over 5000m and traverse a distance of 1000km over the backbone of the Himalayas.

The tour will inlcudes the world's longest downhill ride from a high point of just over 5000m at Thang La, cycling down to below 700m in Nepal - around 4400m in just over 160km of breathtaking descent.

Beginning in Nepal, after a couple of days exploring Kathmandu we take a dramatic flight across the great Himalayan range to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. This is one of the most interesting, remote and spectacular parts of the world. We begin with 4 days of sightseeing and acclimatising before mountain biking across a beautiful landscape of snow-capped summits. All around us are scenes of religious devotion; prayer flags fluttering on the tallest mountain passes and innumerable monasteries and temples with frequent processions of devout pilgrims.

Cycling to Everest Base Camp is an unmissalbe inclusion in our tour, and another major cycling challenge, as the road climbs almost fifty hairpin bends over the Pang La Pass. Here at 5150m we see the magnificent views of the Himalayas, and of Mt. Everest itself. Finally reaching Base Camp is a memorable experience few ever forget.

This Tibet cycling holiday offers some great physical challenges with extreme mountain bike rides through breathtaking scenery as you cycle "the Roof of the World".
Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa
Own Room/Tent: £275
Bike Hire from Tibet: £175
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