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1 day
Off-road (unsealed)
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Raj Bala Treks & Expedition


1 Days

After a light breakfast, we ride from Thamel towards Indrachowk and then to the Durbar Square. We visit Kumari Temple (dedicated to the living Goddess), Hanuman Dhoka (old Royal Palace), Kasthamandap, Ashok Binayak, Shiva temple, Maru Tole, Maju Deval, Bhagwati temple etc. We then head on the paved road towards Swoyambhu. We circumambulate at the base of Swoyambhu hill and ride uphill to the top from the south-west. Enjoy the holy stupa and the magnificent views of the Kathmandu city. The Stupa is colloquially known as the "Monkey Temple" because of the large number of monkeys guarding the temple. It was build around 4th century. Here you can see lord Buddha's lifecycle, monuments, temples, idols and a giant stupa. In a clear day, you can see whole valley with 360-degree panoramic view. After then we ride down to ring road via Chhauni (army barrack) and Tahachal on a paved road - bit of traffic. A mere 20 minutes ride south-east will take us to the Patan Durbar Square. We will have lunch here and then see the ancient town with Newari culture and architecture. The main places to visit are Patan Durbar Square, Krishna Temple, Bhimsen Temple etc. Krishna Temple is one of the beautiful temples built completely with stone carving. We then ride to the paved road again and after 20 minutes ride on main road toward north east, we will reach in the courtyard of World's one of most holy place for Hindu's called Pashupatinath (temple of Lord Shiva), non-Hindus are not allowed to enter in but one can go to the other side of the holy Bagmati river and enjoy the activities in and around the temple courtyard. You can see devotees taking bath in the holy river Bagmati before performing the prayer or worship. We then take a short break with Sadhu's and take blessings from them to prepare for our final destination, a holy Buddhist shrine, Boudhanath, a 10 minutes ride to northeast- one of the biggest Buddhist Stupas in Asia. You can see monks, nuns, Tibetan refugees and Buddhist devotees walking around the Stupa with prayer wheels. oil lamps and chanting mantras of Buddhism. After taking tea break we then come back to Thamel, which will take 25 minutes.
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