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1 day
Off-road (unsealed)
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Mountain bike
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Raj Bala Treks & Expedition


1 Days

This back road trip gives you a chance to explore the ancient Newari villages of the Kathmandu Valley. After an early breakfast in Kathmandu, we wind our way through the back alleys of the old city and head south to Bungamati. Here we will stop to visit the Machhendranath temple and traditional Newari architecture. From here we descend on rocky single track to the lower village of Khokana, stopping to look at the Shekali Mai temple, a valley nature goddess. We return uphill to Bungamati and then continue south, climbing on jeep track through lush green forest to the village of Champi, with a sweeping view of the southwest corner of the Kathmandu Valley. A combination of downhill push and uphill carry for 15 minutes takes us to the picturesque village of Chapagaon. The famous Vajra Varahi temple is just south of the town. Sadly, this temple has been neglected but the old woodcarvings of Krishna and Vishnu are still in good condition. From Chapagaon we ride on a jeep track, more like a roller coaster ride, to the village of Baregaon that leads us back towards Kathmandu along the quiet Godawari road.
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