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Prince Edward County
Tour Location
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3 days
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USD 825
Tour Distance & Dates
Jun, Sep
Tour Operator:
People on Bikes

Prince Edward County

3 Days

How best to describe Price Edward County… Let’s start with rural. Then we can focus on local. We must include natural. And, of course, delicious. Do we have your attention yet? In 2012, People On Bikes will host two weekend and long weekend escapes to beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario. Our riding is structured around 3 loosely connected routes that all start and end at the same location, but each one lets you experience a different aspect of this magical island. If you only have the time to make the Saturday and Sunday rides, that will work just fine. If you are able to stay for the extra day on Monday, you will be able to experience a quieter side of life in the County.
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