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Headhunters Heartland By Bike
Tour Location
Tour Information
Hosted (Ride Leader)
Vehicle Support
7 days
Flat (mostly)
Tour Language:
Cost From:
MYR 6980
Tour Distance & Dates
146 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
37 Km
Tour Operator:
Paradesa Borneo

Headhunters Heartland By Bike

7 Days 146 KmAVG 36 Km

An Epic Ride Into The Iban Heartland (7D6N)

Following the trail of the White Rajahs in the bygone era in their conquest to suppress the rebellious Headhunters, ride into the Iban Heartland of authentic long houses, interior waterways and rustic forts. This trip runs Kuching to Batang-Ai.

Explore on two-wheels into the heartland of the legendary Dayaks, once feared headhunters of Borneo. Navigate the remote interior riverways and ride the outback country lanes to travel among the Dayak people.

Discover how their history intertwined with 100 years dynasty of English’s White Rajahs, in the 1840’s , by visiting the historical forts built by the White Rajahs to defend against the warring headhunters and learn their fascinating legacy.

Along the trail, stay in unique Dayak longhouses to enjoy the hospitality of the tribal hosts and indulge in authentic cuisines prepared from nature’s freshest ingredients. This one week trip is an amazing experience to live among the proud natives of Borneo — an epic bike holiday for the heart and soul.
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