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6 days
Off-road (unsealed)
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Mountain bike
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Mountain Bike Namibi


6 Days

This tour starts at Swakopmund. After the first night we cycle into the ragged moon landscapes of the Swakop River and surrounding “badlands”. The route is dotted with exotic desert adapted Flora, including the Welwitschia , Nara and Lithops. We travel inland to the Matterhorn of Namibia, the huge granite inselberg called Spitzkoppe, a special area to cycle. From Spitzkoppe the tour takes us through Uis and along the southern side of the impressive Brandberg Massif , Namibia's highest mountain at almost 2600 meters above sea level. We cycle the “ Welwitschia Highway ” on our way to the out of way Save the Rhino Camp on the Ugab River . The geologically interesting folds of the ancient Damara mountain building event make for extreme and enjoyable cycling routes. The area is well known for it's desert adapted elephants and cycling next to these giants of the desert is not guaranteed but quite possible. We travel up a ragged side canyon up onto the expanses of the typical Damaraland steppes. The area around Gai-ais spring is the stomping ground of Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, Springbok, Oryx, Ostriches and many other wild animals and interesting birds. On our way Back to civilization, we visit our own private petrified forest , cycle past Doros Crater and the petrified dune landscapes of the millions of years old Karoo Landscape, to our comfortable lodge at Twyfelfontein . From here guests either continue on the Kaokoland tour or are transferred back to Windhoek.

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