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Amsterdam City Tour
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3 hours
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City Tour
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12 Km
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Mike's Bike Tours Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Tour

3 Hours 12 Km

Join our eclectic, entertaining and exciting guided bike tour through the amazing City of Amsterdam. Come to our shop in the heart of the city and meet our friendly staff from all over the world. We’ll set you up with bikes, and tell you how to navigate the majestic canals and boulevards of this city safely.

Over the course of approximately 3 hours, learn about our funky crooked houses and wondrous waterways, the very liberal public policies around sex and drugs, and how a single company brought this small, relatively young European city to such wealth, power and prominence.

You’ll be taken through the most beautiful and interesting aspects of this city and learn about its rich, strange history as well as the weird foibles that make up Amsterdam culture. All of this mixed with the observations and opinions of your guide, all of whom are well seasoned and eager to share their hard earned knowledge. Biking is thirsty work, so we’ll mostly stop towards the end for a drink at one of our favorite local drinkeries!
Bike (€ 5 discount if you bring and use your own bike)
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