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North Coast Tour
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United Kingdom
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1 day
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Liverpool Cycle Tours

North Coast Tour

1 Days

This tour explores the North Coast of Liverpool. We get the train from Moorfields station to Waterloo and then cycle along the seafront to Hightown. You will see the Anthony Gormley Sculptures entitled "Another Place". Once at Hightown we can either get the train back to the City Centre or cycle back along the path to Waterloo and then get the train back. The price of this tour does NOT include the price of the train fare. This is a total distance of 10 miles (16Km) and this is a half day (morning) tour lasting up to 3 hours. When the wind is very strong, it is sometimes neccessary to only travel one way on the path (with the wind) due to the sand in the air which can be unpleasant to cycle in.

You can also contact us about an extension tour which goes from Waterloo to Southport. This is a full day tour and covers a distance of 18 miles.
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Good quality folding bicycles
Helmet (recommended but not compulsory)
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