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Up and down the Valleys
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Ireland by Bike
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Up and down the Valleys

1 Days Easy

Following the last ice age, around 12,000 years ago, glaciers retreated from the northern part of Ireland. As they moved north east they left a number of beautiful valleys behind. Two of the most beautiful are Glengesh and Granny. Our Up and Down the Valleys tour allows you to really appreciate the true beauty that they hold.


Start in Carrick and climb gradually through wild landscapes to the head of Granny Valley. Relax as you go – your high quality Kalkhoff electric bike will make the climbing easy for you. When you emerge at the head of the valley, a great panorama unfolds. From your viewing point you can take in breathtaking views of much of the coast of West Donegal - as far as the peak of Mount Errigal in the distance. Feel the wind in your hair as you freewheel down the valley. Stop at the bottom and take the time to walk across the powdery white sands of Maghera beach. Here you can explore the caves – but take care - a local legend tells of a man and dog who disappeared here and emerged near Sliabh Liag two weeks later!

Further along from the strand you pass beautiful Assarancagh Waterfall. We don’t need to tell you to stop here, you’ll want to stop anyway! Leaving the waterfall behind you follow Loughros Bay to the heritage town of Ardara. Ardara is famous as a centre for tweed production. The nerve centre for the tweed industry now houses the Heritage Centre where you enjoy a hearty lunch. Ardara is a pleasant town to stroll around with lots of quirky shops selling items of local interest, especially wool and tweed.

Leaving Ardara you begin to climb through Glengesh Valley. The word Glengesh strikes fear in the heart of many racing cyclists who have come unstuck on its tortourous slopes. No need for you to worry though, just leave the hard part to your E-bike! From the top of the valley you can once again admire amazing views back over Ardara and on to the Glendowan mountains. Roll on gently back to your starting point in Carrick.
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