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Hindu Kush Mountain Biking
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22 days
Off-road (unsealed)
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Mountain bike
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Hunza Adventure Tours
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Hindu Kush Mountain Biking

22 Days

This is an adventure on its own. Among the beautifully snow-caped mountains, through the fertile lands and fields of Hunza Valley and with the unique cultures of Hindu Kush mountains, we bike through some of the most spectacular mountain valleys. Biking on the un-paved roads, the actual mountain biking starts at the spectacular valley of Dir from here we climb up and down the Lowary Pass and bike through the breath taking sceneries of Chitral Valley. At Kalash, we meet with the Kafirs, who are said to be the descendants of Alexander the Great’s Army and have an old life style. Here, you have a chance of meeting a rich yet old culture that still exists in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Again, climbing up-wards we reach at the Worlds Highest Polo Field The Shandur Pass and we bike through the Ghazar and Punial valleys visiting people and their cultures reaching Gilgit. From Gilgit we bike through some of Asia’s historical suspension bridges to enter into the legendary Karakoram Highway, which falls into Karimabad, the Capital of former Hunza State. Here, we meet people of many different cultures, who have been living in the mountains for centuries. They enjoy welcoming guests to their homeland with smiling faces. In Hunza we visit to the ancient Altiti and Baltit Forts standing on mountain cliffs. The Hunzukuts are the inhabitants of the beautiful Hunza Valley, which Eric Shipton called “Hunza the ultimate manifestation of mountain grandeur”. In this part of the world, Hunzukuts are the most popular for their hospitality and longevity. On our journey back to Islamabad, we visit some of ancient rock carvings at Shatial.
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