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Gears, Grapes and Vineyards
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1 day
Hills (rolling/undulating)
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Hua Hin Bike Tours

Gears, Grapes and Vineyards

1 Days Easy-Moderate

What a great combination!  At the start of the ride we visit Wat Huay Mongkhol.  This monument west of Hua Hin is not a statue of The Lord Buddha, but instead a statue of a monk.  Luang Phor Tuad was the legendary Southern Thai monk, immensely popular with the Southern Thais and increasingly so elsewhere in the Kingdom for the miracles associated with him. Thailand’s Queen Sirikit commissioned the temple site that houses the largest statue of Luang Phor Tuad ‘in the world’. Not only is Wat Huay Mongkhol regarded as a holy place but it has also become a recreational area for visitors in an attractive setting that many people seek out on weekends and holidays.
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