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The Swell to Capitol Reef NP
Tour Location
Green River, UT
Green River, UT
Tour Information
Self Guided
6 days
Off Road (MTB only)
Tour Language:
Cost From:
USD 595
Tour Distance & Dates
Riding Days:
May, Oct
Tour Operator:
Hermosa Tours

The Swell to Capitol Reef NP

6 Days Easy-Moderate

We’re still in shock we’re the first to pioneer this route as a mountain bike tour. Snaking its way through central Utah – this trip is easily one of the most remote desert regions you will visit in the lower 48 states. Over 5 days and about 150 miles we take an up close view of the San Rafael Swell, the Wedge Overlook, skirt Sid’s Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA), dive into Devil’s Canyon WSA, spill out into Cathedral Valley scenic area and end in one of our most beautiful National Parks: Capitol Reef NP. By the end of this trip you’ll have trouble believing everything you saw.
General camp gear from Ready Camp (two 10’x10’ popup tent, full kitchen, cooking/eating utensils, dry firewood, camp chairs, camp toilet, water)
Camp/gear relocation each day including trash removal
Overnight support – you’re on your own!!
Alcoholic Beverages – we can haul and keep them cold though!
Food shopping – you must plan and shop for your own menu
Lodging and transportation before and after the trip
Weather Control – Mother Nature has a mind of her own
Bikes – we can rent you a full-suspension bike for the week
Guides – we can arrange a day guide for you each day
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