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Durango to Moab
Tour Location
Durango, CO
Durango, CO
Tour Information
6 days
Off-road (unsealed)
Bike Options:
Bike hire available
Tour Language:
Tour Type:
Mountain bike
Cost From:
USD 595
Tour Distance & Dates
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Tour Operator:
Hermosa Tours

Durango to Moab

6 Days Mod-Advanced

This “tour” is a bit different from our typical trip offering. We created this trip for those who don’t want a guide, don’t want to be supported during the week and generally just want their own self-serve adventure with a bit of logistical assistance. Each day we relocate a very deluxe camp setup (provided by Ready Camp) of an 8x8 popup tent, full kitchen, dry firewood, camp chairs, fresh water, coolers of food and beverages (you purchase prior to trip) and all your personal gear like tents, bags and clothing. You can go as cheap or deluxe as you want on food, beverages and amenities!!
Shuttle to start at Durango Mountain Resort and back to Durango from Moab at the end
General camp gear from Ready Camp (2 10’x10’ shelters, full kitchen, cooking/eating utensils, dry firewood, camp chairs, camp toilet, fresh water)
Camp/gear relocation each day including trash removal
Overnight support – you’re on your own!!
Alcoholic Beverages – we can haul and keep them cold though!
Food shopping – you must plan and shop for your own menu
Lodging and transportation before and after the trip
Weather Control – Mother Nature has a mind of her own
Bikes – we can rent you a full-suspension bike for the week
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