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Ancient Coloa Citadel
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Hanoi Bike Tour

Ancient Coloa Citadel

1 Days Moderate

Co Loa is a famous historical site, belonging to Dong Anh district, Hanoi center about 17km northwest. This is the second capital city of Vietnam after Phong Chau (Phu Tho now) is the capital of King Hung. The archaeologist estimated it as "the oldest buildings, the most large-scale structure and the most unique of its kind in the history of the building citadel of the ancient Vietnamese."

According to folklore, Thục Phán (An Dương Vương) defeated the last of the Hung kings in 257 BCE and founded the kingdom of Âu Lạc, choosing the site of Co Loa as his capital. Co Loa is a very large site and is the dominant presence in the northern floodplain of the Red River Delta, which would have required a large amount of labour and resources to have built in its time.

The site consists of two outer sets of ramparts and a citadel on the inside, of rectangular shape.

The outer rampart comprises a perimeter of 8 km and is lined with guard towers. The ramparts still stand up to 12 m high and are 25 m in width at their base. Archaeologists have estimated that over two million cubic meters of material were moved in order to construct the entire fortress, including moats that were fed by the Hoang River.

Excavations made by archaeologists have revealed Dong Son style pottery that had stratified over time under the walls, while a drum was found by chance by Nguyen Giang Hai and Nguyen Van Hung. The drum included a hoard of bronze objects. The rarity of such objects in Southeast Asia and the range found at Co Loa is believed to possibly be unique.
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