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Jerusalem to Eilat
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5 days
Advanced - Challenging
On Road only
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USD 1960
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Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec
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Gordon Active Bike Tours

Jerusalem to Eilat

Traverse the Wilderness of the Negev Desert on bike experiencing its wanders with your professional guide

5 Days Advanced - Challenging

Jerusalem is nestled high up in the Judean Hills, with its European climate and bustling culture; Eilat sits on the Red Sea, Israel's access to the Indian Ocean. In between the two lies the wide expanse of the Negev Desert. In history it has seen great caravans travel on its extensive trade routes bringing wares from the Arabian Peninsula to the Mediterranean ports; it has been home to Nabateans, and the Forefathers of the Jewish faith alike. In modern times Israel's first prime minister, David Ben Gurion dreamed of making this desert bloom, and with some of the greatest advances in desert agriculture being born in the Negev his dream has come true. Nowhere in the world will you experience silence as you can in the desert, and be awed by the ingenuity of man to make life not just possible but fruitful.
We will begin our tour by exploring Jerusalem and then descend from her heights to the Judean Foothills where will pass the traditional location of David's battle against Goliath, and pass remains from Israelite and Roman cities dating from thousands of years ago. We will enter into the Negev desert, and take a detour to visit the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea and enjoy its mineral rich water, before climbing up to the desert fortress of King Herod and the last stand of Jewish fighters against the Roman Empire in 70 CE, Masada, which is also today an UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will follow the Peace Trail along the Jordanian Border, and cross into the Central Negev where we will be wowed by the rare geological form of the Large Makhtesh, or Large Crater. As our tour continues, we will be able to visit the final resting place of David Ben Gurion and stay overnight in the desert town of Mitzpeh Ramon on the cliffs of the Ramon Crater. We will visit modern communities and kibbutzim, with their unique ways of life and we will be able to experience living in the desert their way. Finally we will reach the resort town of Eilat with its many hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs, where your bikes will be collected and you can celebrate your achievement in the way that best suits you, be it with a cold beer, a great meal, snorkeling, or swimming with dolphins.
Bikes and all necessary equipment, Guide, support vehicle, accommodation, most meals
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