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Calgary – Springbank, Bragg Creek
Tour Location
Cochrane - 18kms West of Calgary
Tour Information
Hosted (Ride Leader)
3.5 hours
On Road, Some traffic
Bike Options:
Bike included
Tour Language:
Cost From:
USD 122
Tour Distance & Dates
96 Km
Saturday - Sunday
Tour Operator:
Global Cycle Rides
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Calgary – Springbank, Bragg Creek

3.5 Hours Moderate 96 Km

Our Calgary rides start in Cochrane, 18kms out of town, but it is well worth the effort to get there, because it has some of the best rides in Calgary!
This particular ride gives glorious continual views of the Rockies, taking in the picturesque Springbank residential area before heading out to the world famous Hamlet of Bragg Creek. Bragg Creek’s beautiful scenery is the location for a number of films – test the ride leaders local knowledge on the ride & see if they know which ones!
The stunning views from Springbank include the local landmark, Moose Mountain 7,995 ft. (2,437 m) tall, so called because when viewed from Springbank it bears a striking resemblance to the head and back of a moose. You’ll be relieved to hear the ride doesn’t include a climb on this mountain! However it does include amazing views, roiling climbs and fast flats, excellent coffee & with a good shoulder all the way you will feel the clean air in your lungs on this great ride.
Quality carbon road bike, pre-fitted to your rider profile, helmet, experienced & fully insured local Ride Leader.
Transport to and from ride departure point, shoes, pedals, water bottle, ride kit, food and drinks.
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