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Brooklyn Vibe
Tour Location
Brooklyn, New York
Tour Information
4 hours
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Cost From:
USD 79
Tour Distance & Dates
Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Thurs, Sun @10AM, 6PM
Tour Operator:
Get Up and Ride

Brooklyn Vibe

4 Hours Easy

This casual, 4 hour bike tour of Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg is for guests who want a relaxed ride that looks more closely at why North Brooklyn is the epicenter of NYC culture.

If cycling through Brooklyn's trendiest neighborhoods, sampling local fare and learning about local culture sounds like your idea of a good time, than the Brooklyn Vibe Bike Tour is for you! On this tour, you'll explore the neighborhoods of Bushwick, Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the northern most neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the coolest kids in NYC. We explore the cultural and political forces that made these neighborhoods so desirable as a destination for food, art, music, nightlife, film and general culture in NYC. We'll take you to off-the-beaten-path sites, gritty post-industrial side streets and rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. We also make stops to sample delectable cafes, bakeries and pizza shops only locals know about and visit historical sites and more of the places we love most. On our Sunset and Brews version of the Brooklyn Vibe bike tour we start in the early evening to take in the BEST views of Manhattan during sunset and conclude the tour with beers at Brooklyn's first microbrewery restaurant.
Bike Rental
Walkie-Talkie CV Radio
Skinny jeans, mustaches, tattoos and a can of PBR :)
Food and drink
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