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Via Rhona
Tour Location
France (Auvergne Rhone-Alps), Switzerland
Tour Information
7 days
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Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Every Friday and Sunday
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France Bike

Via Rhona

7 Days

When conjuring up images of the Rhone valley, the first thing that comes to mind is that of lush green vineyards nestled into rolling hills; secretive Alpine forests on the banks of crystal clear mirror lakes; small traditional French villages with the scent of fresh local cheeses and wines and stories of bandits hidden amongst the fortified castle walls. However, it's not just an imaginary image, this is the Rhone. Whilst leisurely gliding beside the river at your own relaxed pace, you will have the time to be engulfed in nature and deafened by the silence against the incredible backdrop of the Alps, enjoying it all on quiet, easy-going cycle lines. The river itself is the most important part of the area as it not only provides the environment's lushness that will take your breathe away, but is historically important for tradesmen. Vincent Van Gogh even took the time to paint it. You will also enjoy many family activities on your cycle trip, as you meet local farmers and wine producers, visit the beautiful and important castles, churches and caves, and learn about the local history from the Bronze Age to Roman ruins, from the Dukes of Savoy to local bandits and highwaymen, before taking part in water sports, or picnicking on the river banks. Activities perfect for you and your family. In the evenings you will enjoy a peaceful meal of only the juiciest, plumpest local produce. The accommodation is just as special, traditional cozy French character whose proud patrons passionately work with the environment to support their valley in staying green. Something you will also be contributing to on your pollution-free bicycles. As you daydream along the beautiful green and colorful floral surroundings, you will hardly believe that such a beautiful part of France is harmoniously nestled between the two dynamic and innovative cities of Geneva and Lyon where you will begin and end your trip. Both cities are modern and exciting and bursting with culture and history and you wander the fascinating old quarters.
6x breakfast
6x tourist tax
4x dinner (3 course menu)
luggage transport from Geneva to Lyon
welcome briefing in the first hotel
detailed road book and maps (english/french) or GPS Data
service hotline
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