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Provence Highlights
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Self Guided
7 days
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Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Every day from Mar 23 to Oct 25
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France Bike

Provence Highlights

7 Days

Based just outside the charming village of Graveson, former home of the painter and sculptor Auguste Chabaud, this new style cycling tour allows you to ride out from your base every day and discover some of the main sights in Provence. Indeed what makes this tour different from the others is that you stay in the same hotel for the whole week. We give you ideas of places to visit and of course the road maps and directions and rental bike to visit them, but if you wake up and decide that today would be better spent reading a book by the pool then you can do just that! Also no bags to pack every day, so the tour is cheaper too as you don’t pay for the luggage transport service, without compromising the quality you’ve come to expect from France bike!
6x breakfast
6x tourist tax
welcome briefing
carefully chosen roads and paths
detailed documentation, brochures, plans, maps, etc.
France-Bike signs along the route
France-Bike security vest
service hotline
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