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Borderless Lower Rhine
Tour Location
Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
Tour Information
7 days
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Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
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France Bike

Borderless Lower Rhine

7 Days

The Lower Rhine area is a cycling paradise, there is no other such area in Germany with as many well-signposted cycle routes – infact there's over 2000 km of them! This tour follows the Meuse river on the dutch side taking you to Belgium. On the way back you'll visit the nature reserves in Nette and Schwal, and finally the lake area in Krickenbeck. Lovely scenery is to be expected, but also very beautiful cultural cities. Kevelaer in the heart of the Lower Rhine is the largest pilgrimage town in north-western Europe with around 1 million visitors, with its typical town center and numerous art & crafts, guest houses and cafes that are open at weekends. Other important cultural sites are located in Venlo on the Meuse river, and Roermond. Then comes the white town of Thorn before you make a trip to Belgium. Then it's back to medieval Brüggen and the nature reserves of Schwalm and Nette and the Krickenbeck lakes. You will be surprised by this unique river, stream and cultural tour!
6x copious breakfast
6x tourist tax
free parking
luggage transport (1 piece per person)
detailed documentation, brochures and maps
service hotline
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