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Yingge Ceramics Culture Trip
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1 day
Flat (mostly)
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On Request
Tour Distance & Dates
65 Km
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Formosa Lohas Cycling Association

Yingge Ceramics Culture Trip

1 Days Easy 65 Km

Yingge, located in Taipei County in Taiwan, a bit south of Taipei. It’s famous for its high concentration of potters. Almost all attractions are located within a 10 minute ride of the train station. Travelers will take the bus from hotels to Yingge, and enjoy riding in the cycleway.

Yingge is Taiwan’s ceramic landmark, and it’s famous on the Old Street which is a continuous row of pottery and craft shops interspersed with tea houses and cafés. The Yingge Ceramics Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of ceramics which is rich in beautiful displays and collections. The trip will arrange riders to ride in the cycleway besides Tahan Hsi river-side, and visit Tahsi bridge which was a baroque style architecture, and built in the eighteenth century. In the afternoon, trip to Sankeng old street allow riders to enjoy farmland scenic beauty, exploring the nature. Along the way you can enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh air. This place release relaxing atmosphere and places for good pictures.
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