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North Coast & Fisherman’s Wharf
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1 day
(Some) Hills
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On Request
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22 Km
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Formosa Lohas Cycling Association

North Coast & Fisherman’s Wharf

1 Days Moderate 22 Km

North Coast in Taiwan is one of the most beautiful corners among all scenic points. The larger part consists of the seashore, part of the ocean, and a strip of land either side of Fugui Cape, Taiwan's northernmost point. Travelers will take the tour bus from Taipei to Tamshui, and start riding in Sanzhi and Jinshan area.

During the 19th century, Damshui was the center of shipping and commerce in Taiwan. You will visit two Fisherman's Wharfs including Tamsui and Fuji, and some small fishing ports in a day. The beautiful sunset along with the ocean side will also astonish you in this trip. Tamshui Fisherman’s Wharf is well known by its beautiful sunset and fresh seafood. Meanwhile, biking on the Sanzhi-Shimen bike path along the sea coast is taken as one of the natural wonders at Qianshuiwan (Qianshui Bay). In the afternoon, we visit Jinshan District which is known for its natural resources, pretty sceneries and old Chinese traditional buildings. The trip will be ended in Jinshan, and take the bus back to Taipei before dinner.
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