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Siam Boran
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5 hours
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Daily 8am and 1.30pm
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Follow Me

Siam Boran

Bangkok Boran (Historical) Tour

5 Hours

Tour Operator:
Follow Me
The Siam Boran Bangkok bicycle tour takes in a multitude of Bangkok’s historical sites while also plunging you into the profusion of colors, scents, and smells of Bangkok’s massive fruit, vegetable, and flower markets and, of course, Bangkok’s famous Chinatown.

We begin the tour with a look at some of the significant religious minority influences this city has inherited: from the stunning Assumption Cathedral to the Haroon Mosque and onto the peaceful and relaxing Kian An Keng Chinese Shrine. Following these sites our journey continues past Wat Chakrawat where the monks keep live crocodiles, and then into the labyrinth of tiny streets that make up the fascinating and crazy warren of Chinatown. From there we discover one of Bangkok’s biggest fruit and vegetable markets, and then the sensuous sensory overload of the Pak Khlong Talat flower market.

The tour then crosses the ancient Chao Phraya River by ferry boat where we continue our exploration of the Thonburi district, which was established in the 18th century as the capital of Thailand. From here we meander our way along breezy river walkways through small local markets and villages back to the Follow Me Club House.

On your return to the Club House you can relax by the small fishpond in our beautiful shaded green garden and enjoy a free fish spa (where our small fish nibble at your dangling feet). Cool drinks are available to purchase at our licensed bar while you use our free internet to keep in touch with family and friends and share your Bangkok Bicycle Tour experience. You are also welcome to enjoy a full-scale slide show of your recently completed tour on our refreshingly cool “sala” (the Thai word for “veranda”).
Booking Conditions
Book online
Tea and coffee
Internet service
Bicycle rental
Safety helmet rental
Professional multi-lingual Thai tour guide (fully accredited)
Soft drinks/ water and local Thai snacks during the tour
Boat and ferry transfers on the tour
Fish Foot spa
Complimentary Free Follow Me™ Baseball Cap, these are also available to purchase for 100 baht
A link to download a photo album of your tour
Medical insurance as required by Thai law
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